Custom Sound Wave Art Process

Custom sound wave artwork is a unique way to record a memory, significant event or special moment in your life. Each piece is hand crafted and lovingly made with you in mind. Resonance Art Studio offers different options for your sound wave art including digital design files or unique handcrafted pieces available in various sizes on cradled boards. Free delivery within Calgary, Canada city limits. See other shipping options below.  Download the full custom sound wave art guide now! 

Step One: Choose your sound wave theme.

Step Two: Choose your style. You will also have the opportunity to share colour preferences and other style choices at checkout.  Mandala style is available on any non-panorama size and line style is available on any size. Ripples style is available on sizes 12"x12" and up. Panorama style is available on 12”x3”, 20"x10", 36”x6” or 36"x12". Wood burning is also available on sizes starting at 16"x16".

Step Three: Choose your size. There is also digital sound wave art available as a file or print. The price of the artwork depends on the size and surface you choose. Custom artwork is done on gallery profile, cradled wood board. Boards are cradled meaning they hang just like canvases with a side edge. 

Sizes Available:

12”x3”, 8"x8", 8"x10", 10"x10", 9"x12", 12"x12", 11"x14", 10"x20", 36”x6”, 16"x16", 20"x20", 36"x12", 24"x24"

Custom Art Work Pricing (not including Design Fee or Finishing Items, see below) *Introductory pricing until April 30, 2017. 

Digital Design File- $30

Digital Artwork Print- $45+

 Pricing starts at:

12”x3”-9"x12" = $50-$160

12"x12"-10"x20" = $150-$210

36"x6"-24"x24"= $240-$550

Step Four: Read Custom Art FAQs below for more information about Custom Art Policies. 

Step Five: Pay Non-Refundable Design Fee. This payment is required for all custom art commissions before work begins. This fee is non-refundable and covers the cost of materials and the initial design for your piece. The remainder of the cost of the piece, and the cost of shipping will be due before it ships. Prices for custom artwork can be found separately in the shop. 

Design Fee Pricing:

Small artwork sizes: 12”x3"-9"x12" $25

Medium artwork sizes: 12"x12"-10"x20" $35

Large artwork sizes: 36"x6" and up $45

Step Six: Resonance Art Studio will contact you within 5-7 business days to finalize details and send you the Custom Commissioned Artwork Contract to be signed.

Step Seven: Custom Commissioned Artwork Contract is signed by you  (preferably within 3 business days of receiving contract).

Step Eight: Artist creates a digital design file and shares it with the client (delivered to client within 1-2 weeks of contract being signed and returned).

Step Nine: Artist begins work on the custom artwork and will communicate with the client as it is being completed.

 Step Ten: Artist completes artwork within 3-4 weeks of sharing the digital design file. Allow 3-4 weeks per artwork if purchasing more than one. 

Step Eleven: The client makes final payment. Final payment is based on the size of artwork and any finishing items. You may add any "finishing items" to the cart before checking out. 

•$5 for hanging wire- For easy installation at home. 
•$10-$15 for thick gloss medium top coat- Protects and enhances your custom work of art. 
•$20-$25 for resin top coat- Thicker, tougher and shinier top coat than gloss medium to protect and enhance your custom work of art. 

Final Step: Artwork is shipped to client and may take up to 7 business days to arrive (within Canada). Shipping fees are applied at checkout. Free delivery within Calgary city limits.

Congratulations on your new piece of custom artwork! 

Email: if you have any questions or concerns! 



*All custom artwork pricing is subject to change.

What materials do you use? I create pieces on artist quality cradled boards (wood canvas). My primary medium is alcohol ink. I can also do custom wood burning pieces. Check out examples in my portfolio. My pricing includes the sound wave design, artwork surface of your choice, original artwork and a protective clear coat spray. I do not include hanging hardware in my pricing. For easier hanging and installation hanging wire can be added for an additional charge. You may also wish to add a clear gloss or resin layer coating to your artwork. These additions enhance the artwork and provided added protection. These finishes are an additional charge.

What is a Digital Sound Wave Design?  A Digital Sound Wave Design is a simple black and white design of your sound waves. You may purchase a digital sound wave design in the store. This includes one 8"x8" or 8"x10" JPEG file that you may use to print at home. *Purchase entitles you to a maximum of 10 prints for personal use. Digital Sound Wave Art Prints are also available in the store in various sizes. These are printed on high quality 130lb paper. Art work can not be reproduced for commercial purposes. Resonance Art Studio owns the rights to all artwork produced. Please obtain permission before posting online.

            Custom Digital Sound Wave Pricing:

             Any size JPEG File: $35

            Custom Digital Prints:

8”x8”  -8”x10” = $45-$50

10”x10”-11”x14”= $65-$75

How do I record a sound wave file? If you choose to have a piece of art made from a sound file other than music that is readily available (i.e. someone speaking, baby's heart beat, personal sound recording etc.); the client must send a sound file to To record a sound, download an app or use a program on your computer that can record and save audio files in MP3 or M4A format. To ensure a high quality audio recording, please record your sound with minimal background noise, at a moderate volume. Speak slowly and clearly if recording your voice. Please share audio files as M4A or MP3s. Please share audio files as M4A or MP3s. App suggestions: QuickTime Player or The QuickVoice App

How much is shipping? Shipping is an additional cost, and calculated by location and size of artwork. All pieces are packed especially to protect the artwork. Free delivery is available within Calgary, Alberta, Canada city limits.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 2.54.55 PM.png

Why do you charge a Design and Consultation Fee?  A non-refundable fee is required for all custom art commissions before work begins. This secures your order and covers the cost of materials and the initial design for your piece. The fee depends on size of the artwork. This fee does not include the cost of shipping. The remainder of the cost of the piece, and the cost of shipping will be due before the piece is delivered. Prices for custom artwork can be found separately in the shop. *This is not a deposit. The cost of the custom artwork is added to the design fee and is paid separately before shipping/delivery. 

Do you have the client sign a contract?  Both artist and client must sign a Custom Art Commission agreement before designing will commence. The contract will outline the rights and responsibilities of both the client at the artist. The Design and Consultation Fee is required at the time of signing the contract. 

What is the process of designing my artwork? Designing & Consultation is the process of creating your sound waves digitally. Once you decide on the sounds or song, I will send a first draft as a .jpeg file. This design is simply for the look of the sound waves, and it only serves as a guide for my painting. Your consultation will include a discussion about your preferred colour and composition choices.  Please understand that the process of making artwork also requires some artistic freedom for the artist! Part of hiring me to create a custom piece is trusting in my process. Of course, I always aim to create something you will treasure forever! I see this process as a collaboration. 

Do you allow revisions on the artwork in process? Your design and consultation fee allows for three total revisions of your piece before I begin to create your piece. These revisions will be made to the digital design and composition choices you prefer. This means I can alter the design up to three times: perhaps you want to change the colours or song choice. Any additional changes after three may affect the final price. Revisions are much harder to execute after creating has begun. I will also continue to communicate with you as the piece is being created. Our partnership will be based upon trust: I appreciate that you have come to me because you like my style, and I hope that you'll trust me to create your special piece to the best of my ability.

How long does it take to create a piece of custom sound wave art?  The creation of custom artwork takes time, and I want to ensure I make a piece you will be happy with! It takes 3-6 weeks from your initial order to complete one piece of art. See the estimated timeline below:

Estimated Timeline

1.     Design Fee is paid.

2.     Artist and client communicate about the desired look of the artwork (within 7 business days)

3.     Custom Commissioned Artwork Contract is signed (within 3 business days of initial communication) 

4.     Artist creates a digital design file and shares it with the client (delivered to client within 1-2 weeks of contract)

5.     Client communicates any desired changes to the artist (within 3 business days)

6.     Artist begins work on the custom artwork and will communicate with the client as it is being completed

7.     Artist completes artwork within 3-4 weeks of sharing digital design file. Completion timing depends on the time of year and how many commissions may be “in the works” at the time. Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion of each artwork if ordering multiple.

8.     The client makes final payment.

9.     Artwork is shipped to client and may take up to 7 business days to arrive (within Canada).  Free delivery within Calgary city limits (please allow 3-5 business days for delivery).

Custom Artwork POLICIES

Rights: I reserve all copyrights to my original work and prints. Once you buy a piece of artwork you own the piece/print. Unless you would like to also purchase the rights to a work, you may not reproduce or profit from the image unless we have made that agreement. If you choose to share your artwork on social media, I will provide you with a photo and you are required to give credit to Resonance Art Studio for the work.

Returns: All artwork in the shop is sold as-is, and I will do my very best to communicate to you exactly its condition, size, shape, and colors. In most cases, I am happy to provide additional photographs of the piece so you can see it from all angles. Custom Artwork is final sale.

Custom Artwork Return Policy: Commissions require a non-refundable design fee. This covers the cost of my materials and the time spent on your initial design. During the commissioning process, I request that you communicate as clearly as possible about your desires, and I will strive to do likewise when it comes to showing you what I've done. I take photos during the process of painting and of the final image, from all possible angles. If we communicate well, there should not be any question when it comes time for you to hold the finished product. Custom artwork is final sale, once the final payment has been processed no returns or refunds will be allowed.

If you approve the final image and pay the balance of the final price and shipping, I consider this to be an agreement and the end of our transaction. I cannot refund pieces after they are in your possession. If your piece arrives damaged, please let me know immediately. However, I waive all responsibility for any damage that has occurred during shipping. I will deliver free of charge within Calgary city limits. 

*A full and binding version of the Custom Artwork Policies are outlined in the contract that will be sent to the Collector at the time of purchase. If you wish to see a copy of this contract, please contact us. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the Custom Artwork Process please contact