I carry your heart set up.jpg

i carry your heart in my heart, 36"x6", Wood burning

"We all have a song, poem or sound which perfectly embodies a time or space or relationship in our lives that, upon hearing it, are immediately transported to that space and time or into the arms of the loved one. Kristen provides the visualization of these memory triggers, by turning the sound waves of your chosen sound and transforming it into a stunning piece of visual art, so the people and places who have touched us are never far from our conscious thought. I gave my sister a poem that we shared between us, E.E. Cummings, "I carry your hear in my heart". She cried immediately when she saw it because it already carried so much meaning for us. It was a beautifully effective way to tell my sister how much I love her. Kristen created the art piece, but the image belongs to my sister and I.  A customized Resonance Art piece is the next gift you should buy for someone really special." -Kelly B.


Sympathy for the devil, 8"x8", Alcohol ink on board

 "Sound wave art is a perfectly unique gift for anyone – music lover or not! It gets hard to keep gift giving meaningful and creative and Kristen's art is the perfect solution. Not only can you make it personal using a favourite song or special voice note, she offers so many options in terms of surface, colour, sound waves etc. that the gift comes out truly being a one-of-a-kind for that someone special." -Laura W.

Poison and Wine WM.jpg

Poison and wine, 8"x10", alcohol ink on board

"That's gorgeous! It's a beautiful tune. One very dear to my heart." -Shannon F. 

(Left to Right) Simple song-24"x24" alcohol ink on canvas, Memory- "10"x10" alcohol ink on board,KASHMIR-24"x24" Alcohol ink on canvaS,  I've Been This Way Before- 10"x10" Alcohol ink on board


Fender- 12"x3", Alcohol ink on board


Love You Forever.jpg

Love you forever- 36"x6", Oil on Board

“My mom is a teacher and “Love You Forever” is her favourite book. She used to read it to my brother and I before bed. We designed this gift with Kristen to celebrate her retirement.. Before she opened it, I gave her a copy of her favorite book that we all signed and then she opened the gift and tears of happiness came flowing from her eyes after she saw her sound wave art” -Nevan J.  

Are you with me-12"x12", Alcohol ink on board

"A little over a month ago I found Kristen on Instagram and I immediately fell in love with her work. There is so much more meaning behind what she does than just a painting. I ordered a piece from her for my husband's birthday with the song waves for "Are You With Me" (our song). She emailed me back just over a week later with the most beautiful abstract ocean/sky theme that fit the lyrics to the song! My husband was speechless when he received it on his birthday! Kristen definitely exceeded my expectations! I am so happy she could make a piece for us that we can look at daily to remind us of the memories we shared together dancing to that song. Thank you Kristen!" -Kayla L.

crazy Love- 8"x8", Digital Print

"My wife and I also purchased one as wedding gift and received one as a wedding gift , and as a music lover I love this idea both to give and receive . I feel it is the perfect gift for almost everyone . Well done on this great concept !" -Neil W.