Chakra Sound Series

I became fascinated with the chakras when I started my Yoga Teacher Certification this year. This interest led me to research more about these centres in the body. I have learned about their spiritual and scientific significance. In addition, I have made connections to theories of sound and healing. I created art to visualize the association of the chakras to specific frequencies of sound that balance and heal each energy center.  I will explore some of my research into the chakras, sound frequencies and cymatic patterns. 

"The Seven Chakras"  Image from: 

"The Seven Chakras" Image from: 

First, what are Chakras? The word Chakra simply means “wheel.” Chakras are energy centers in the body that correspond with specific organs and help regulate its processes. Each chakra has it’s own vibrational frequency and associated colour. The chakras are as follows from top to bottom: Crown (purple), 3rd Eye (violet/blue), Throat (turquoise), Heart (Green), Solar Plexus (Yellow), Sacrum (orange) and Root (red). The chakras can be stimulated using a variety of methods including certain foods, colours, crystals and sounds. I have focused on sound in my work.

"Binaural Beats"  Image from: 

"Binaural Beats" Image from: 

These pieces were made using sound waves from binaural beats using specific frequencies associated with the chakras. Binaural beats are a brain response created from hearing repetitive frequencies through auditory input. This kind of stimulation results in a hypotonic response and can also create balance in specific chakras. Many people use binaural beats to enhance and induce deep meditative states. In these deep states, our brainwaves change so that we can create the conditions for healing in our body. Each chakra also has a specific sound associated with it. These sounds are often chanted as mantra to simulate frequencies through vocal output. The most commonly known sound is “aum” which is connected with the 3rd Eye Chakra.

"Cymatics Diagrams"  Image from: 

"Cymatics Diagrams" Image from: 

The colour pattern in the background is chosen based on the cymatic diagram associated with the level of hertz used in the binaural beat recording. Cymatics is the study of sound and vibration made visible through the vibration of sand on a plate. As the sound vibrates the plate, the sand moves into a geometric pattern. The change in hertz changes the geometric pattern. Each chakra has a specific hertz frequency range, which can stimulate it. Higher chakras (crown and 3rd eye) are generally vibrating at higher frequencies than lower chakras (root and sacrum). The cymatics patterns I have chosen for the alcohol ink backgrounds of my pieces are based on the musical note that most closely matches the frequency for that chakra.

"Chakra Tones"  Image from:

"Chakra Tones" Image from:

The representation of the sound waves, colour choices, and cymatics pattern all demonstrate the possibility of healing through sound in the chakra centers of the body. The goal of my sound wave art is to make the invisible phenomenon in our world visible, tangible and relatable to others. The abstract concepts of sound and the chakras are synthesized perfectly in my compositions. My hope is that they resonate with you! Which chakra are you most drawn to?

Chakra Sound Series will be available next month at Motion Gallery and as prints in the online store.